Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Where are the women? CYNDI LAUPER

This is part 1 of a 7 part series by Guest Writer Paul Beauvais on a few of the women who should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Why isn't Cyndi Lauper in the Rock Hall? My best guess is that her versatility is held against her: she can sing superbly in many genres, so it's easy to ignore her rock and roll
Lauper was in the HOF "Women Who Rock" exhibit.
Isn't it time for her to be in the Hall permanently?
pedigree. Her earliest work was in cover bands playing Joplin, Airplane, and Zep, and her first demo tape led to a contract with The Allman Brothers' manager. But I hear an even earlier rock influence in her work: Ronnie Spector and the girl groups of the early sixties. That was music that never meant much to me, but Lauper managed to warp it into something fine, something funny, something feminist. The Rock Hall pretty much made her the poster child for their "Women Who Rock" exhibit, but they seem to be drawing the line at actually making her a member of the club. Let's hope that changes soon.
While Yoko Ono looks on, Lauper sings
 One more--I never get tired of watching this one--Cyndi sings Joni Mitchell's "Carey"

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