Fooling Around in National Poetry Month

The first four days have been great at the CCPL "Read + Write: 30 Days of Poetry." So far, there have been four new poems, four prompts. Also, there was a kick-off, kick-ass reading by Ohio's first Poet Laureate, Amit Majmudar, his first reading back in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio--With parents, children, former high school and grade school teachers, poets, readers, and others in the audience. And people are posting comments on the "Read+Write" site from as far away as Brazil and Boston. And people are writing poems. 

A lot are writing poems to the Day Two prompt, one that a CCPL 2014 poet, Laura Weldon, posted on her website. It's called a is a "SPINE POEM." This year's poets Lori Kusterbeck and Steve Brightman have posted them on Twitter and Facebook. You'll find how to create one at Day Two. Here is my first attempt, what I stacked up at 5 a.m. today. I'll see if it needs revising by tomorrow: