New Year's Wishes


Most dear, most dire, & every friend,
I hope this finds you at year’s end,
and while I am no Ian Frazier
I've also not come here to haze yer
but send you to my virtual me, no bot:
diane at dianekendig dot
com and dianekendig at blogspot.

For Gebhardts, Welsch, Lu and clan,
Those brave Findlayites who ran
with me, like Donna, Dana, Carole, Phil
and former students, with me still:
Laurel, Nick, Jen, Lisas, T, and Jim,
Kris, Troy & Bryan, Matt, & Kim,
Hendricksons, Rick, Joe, and Ted,
Tina, Mary, Steph, Jay, and Jed.

Now once again from my PHS days
I’m seeing friends  and sending waves
to Ludwigs, Saylors, Kulls, McGowan,
Kesslers, Gibson, Schade, & how on
Earth! Here we have Virginia Birks!
Crails, the Harveys, Motts—the works:
Hayne, Burgett, three Lewis grrrls,
in Antarctica, Peter, icy, whirls.
As Seals in Texas are signing off,
to them my New Year’s cap I’ll doff.
Then, for those who erred and thought
I’d lost my head and I’d forgot

My friends from days in Nicaragua,
here’s to those in and/or from Managua:
Ellen, Julieta, Georgina, Fidel,
and to my UCA “kids,” Noel!
(Danilo,Loyda, Marlyn, Marvin, Walter,
Xenia, Jimmy, Ma Soledad, not falter
naming Maceo, Ivania, not be so silly
as to forget Adrian, Elizabeth, & Lilly.
Who’ve I missed?—please  add the rest,
and to your families, give my best.

To 3 favorites, my goddaughters
holas! to you cross miles and waters:
Nancy Juarez, so far from me, a pity,
living as she does in Guatemala City;
Kim & Ori, push come to shove,
I send you and all 3 families all my love.

For my decade’s brand new friends,
I’m glad for you as this year ends:
Phyllis Gorfain, Richards, ODAG,
spirited trio reincarnated with no lag.
The Jepsens, too, both Karen & George,
she helped me through the year to forge,

as did as my poets, the 8 Elevens,
who never blanch or say, “Oh heavens”
when handed my last page of errors.
Folks tough as quoins, unmoved by terrors.

Noting writers, here’s a great crew:
Chadborne, Starace, Goldstein, Cat, too,
Trautman, Brightmans, Isaacs (Skip),
Broncaccio, Lisella. An OPA trip:
Abbott, Salman, & Scott. Now a 2-fer:
Russell Atkins, Kevin Prufer,
With those two, say, Caryl Pagel,
Poet,  not the scholar of Hegel.

My great friends still sending cards!
(they’ve been arriving by the yards)
greetings from Birds, Binehams, Bay,
Urice, Ellis, Radsick, Thom and hey,
I hope you had as great a holiday
as I, though I’m behind, I’m slow
unlike timely Larson, Coulter, Smith & Low.

Last to Robbie’s canine buddies,
the energetic, the fuddy-duddies:
Pitsenbarger’s Fifi and Frito
(a bulldog stern-looking  as Judge Alito),
then Elly at her window gives a shout
so Justin leashes, brings her out.
Here comes Sam along the way,
leads Larry, keyboardist for Triple Play,
and he's neighbor to the family Singos
with three kids, two mutts (not dingos):
Gina and Buddy, the stray who stayed here,
Rocky, Shadow, and two beagles who bay near.

I wish us the health & hope aplenty
we need as we enter 2020!

     (And to any dogs & guys & dames
     who, reading this, don’t find your names
     and want to: submit them as omissions
     to be included in future editions.)
diane & Robbie