Rock and Roll: Where are the women? SINEAD O'CONNOR

Okay, O'Connor is not my fav-- but Paul makes a great case for her: 

Yes, Sinéad O'Connor is angry. One might think her anger would increase her chances for being inducted into the Rock Hall, but the HoF Foundation seems much more comfortable with angry young men than angry women of any age. O'Connor is also crazy, but craziness, as Adrienne Rich explained, is a natural response when we are lied to by the people we trust. What critics sometimes ignore is that O'Connor is as earnest as she is talented. She continues to search for sanity, peace, meaning. And her search has produced beautiful music in varied genres for three decades. I still get chills when I listen to "The Lion and the Cobra" and "Throw Down Your Arms." On dark days I still listen to "Faith and Courage." Sinéad O'Connor's music never gets old: 

(click to hear)

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