In April, for National Poetry Month, I created a blog for the Cuyahoga County Public Library, each day featuring an Ohio poet's poem (photo and bio), a prompt, and with the help of librarian reader extraordinaire, Laurie Kincer. Originally, the blog included two weekly "Forepoets." Inspired by Wompo (Women's Poetry Listserv), which has an occasional series called "Foremothers," I researched nine Northeast Ohio "Forepoets," some of whom I knew personally, some only legendarily. One was a surprise to me (Vachel Lindsay: he went to college here--who knew? The Hiram crew.)  In all cases, I tried to find out something new to surprise myself.

That part of the blog got left on the cutting room floor. But remember what Sylvia Plath said about how for a writer, it's all grist for the mill. I save those pieces to patch in here. I imparted four of those on my own blog in April, then lost steam. Today, six months post- (and pre-) National Poetry Month, I impart the last five: Barbara Angell, Vachel Lindsay, David Citino, Cy Dostal, and Kenneth Patchen, along with the links to those previous four.

Alberta Turner 

Daniel Thompson

Hart Crane

Langston Hughes

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