For National Poetry Month, I researched eight poets for the CCPL project, especially for their Northeast Ohio connections. Some of the research comes from 18 years of teaching "Ohio Writers" at The University of Findlay, to which I am grateful.

Titled "Five Things You May Not Know, the series got cut for a lack of space, but for a blogger, it's all grist for the mill. Today, I am featuring two, Hart Crane, whose birth and cenotaph are noted in Garretsville and who lived briefly in Cleveland, and Langston Hughes, who went to high school in Cleveland. Both poets were featured in the national series, Voices and Visions.



Five Things You May Not Know About

Hart Crane·      

 *****Garrettsville, OH has an Ohio historical marker denoting his birthplace and also a memorial to Crane in its cemetery, described in this New Yorker article by Henri Cole. (Both of those links are worth checking out.) 

*****NE Ohio artist Gene Kangas' tribute to Crane is this sculpture on the Cuyahoga River

      *****The Academy of American Poets site has a good page on his life and works
*****The Annenberg Learner” features a clip from the Voices and Visions series on Crane 

      *****He lived briefly on East 115th Street, where this marker stands:

  Many thanks to Paul Beauvais who took this photo,
and with fond memories of poet Daniel Thompson,
who worked to get this spot commemorated.


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