This last week of the Big Poetry Giveaway, I have a final add-on that is mostly for my local peeps, though anyone who is interested can post a comment in order to be the drawing. This will make you eligible for the book drawing on May 1st, but ALSO, for a small (8 x 14 inch) poster on heavy stock of one of my local poems, your choice of one of the six, below.

I know, I know, just this morning someone posted yet again on Facebook that sign that says, "Ohio, what the hell are you doing in Ohio?" Me, I just moved back home, though my poetry has always gone there. Here are some of the poems, which you have your choice of, if you win this week's drawing. You can comment below (click on "Comment,") comment on my original announcement (here) , or, if technologically challenged, shoot me an email. The six poems are:

1) Reedurban, Ohio:

This poem is the most recent and is the closest to home, set at Perry High and at my Grandma Young's house on Stewart Avenue, near Perry High and right next door to my classmate Kathryn Culbertson, nee Garnett.

2) "An Elemental Ode to My Writing Students Who Clain Their Chemistry Class Is Killing Them"

I wrote this one to my UF students, but it is dedicated to my high school chem teacher and recalls him, as the previous poem does. This is probably not one Dave Motts or Rick Yutzey wants. It uses the periodic table as its form.

3) "Ohio Rag"

This poem, a litany of place names in Ohio, has rhyme! Like, "Schoenbrun" and "Dry Run," like "Tippicanoe" and "Bellevue," and finally, "Farmersville," "Pemberville," and "Reminderville." "Knockemstiff" makes an appearance, as does "Massillon," (rhyming with "Waseon.")

4) "Ohio Coyote"

For you animal lovers of ALL animals, even this one, which seems to be eating small dogs lately (maybe not Suan (Masalko) Shaffer, who raises Chihuahuas.

5) "Stepping out of Sippo Woods on an Autumn Morning" (here)

This is a very small, almost a haiku, and a recent poem since moving back home.

6) "Sippo Lake" (here)

Clearly, I have a soft spot for this very small spot, where I played during my grade school days and walk to most days these days.

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