Daun's Birthday, January 19th

So she'd be 60 today. Thinking of her, as always
Googling My Sister

She'd be glad her Welty essay
comes up first, that students
who never knew her continued her
her stem cell donor work, and a child
prays a good-night prayer for her
and her daughter each night,
though their website notes
that my sister has since died.

The first year, I found
only one hit, but it remains
in the top ten. She'd be glad.
Her name on a petition
for responsible journalism.

If you'd like to read by tributes by some of her friends (Peggy Anderson, Sandy Anderson, Paul Beauvais, Jeff Bineham, Marc Crail, Linda Define, Bruce Hyde, Sara (Ampe) Schlorf, Katie Schneider-Bryan, Bill Tuttle, and Mark Wolters), they are here and linked on a webpage about her here.

Another poem, "Elegy for My Sister" is here.

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